One child is ch…

One child is chunering as he learns the new skill of getting himself back to sleep, while the other is wailing (as only he can) every few minutes, complaining that Caleb woke him up (the opposite is actually true).  There is simply no point in my shutting my eyes.


This happens sometimes and I’ve learned to roll with it. Closing my eyes, snuggling under my warm duvet and drifting off to sleep only makes me crazy in this situation. Sometimes, it’s just better to accept that for now I am not going to sleep. Otherwise I get mad. No one wants a mad, effing and jeffing mama in the night.

Its a strange thing, this being the mama. My children are completely different, pretty much opposite beings. And they both came from me. 

Phil’s auntie likes to tell me that lions don’t come from lambs. It’s true. I see edens (overly?) sensitive nature, and I am remindedmod myself as a child. But then I see calebs fierce independence and basic indifference to who is around or not, and I also see reflections of myself.

I wonder how they feel about bunting? …



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