Let’s have a chat, you and I.

I think that I am back. But before I settle back in to blogosphere, there are a few things I feel the need to explain.

If you started following this blog when I started writing it, you may not want to carry on reading it. And that is ok. When I last was maintaining this blog I was in a very dark place. I suffered post natal depression following the birth of my 2nd (adorable) child and it took a long time to claw my way back – a long time to find myself again. Part of the journey back involved losing 3 stone (so far) and I am proud of that. It also involved my return to university, to study my MA in Strategic Communications. It is all a lot more complicated than that, obviously, which I may or may not discuss at some point. The point is, however, that there are parts of me now that are unrecognisable to me then and I want to talk about different things.

So I probably won’t be on here posting on recipes, because I rarely cook more than the basic “crap we need to eat something in half an hour” kind of meals anymore.

I probably won’t talk about my kids very much. They do, however, play a large role in my life so that may be discussed from time to time.

Etcetera etcetera.

What I probably will talk about will be a mash of things that I am going through or thinking about. So expect some talk about cancer, because right now my family is going through that. And on occasion there will be discussion about charity, because I work for one and it is important to me. As well as communications, social media, marketing.

But also I will talk about fitness & health, because that is important to me. I began to exercise daily as an effort to lose weight and I continue for my mental well being. I am very interested in nutrition and how it all works. And I have a deep understanding of the issues that “fat” people face, you never lose that despite losing the weight.

And so on.

So if you want to carry on reading, welcome aboard. If you are more interested in craft projects, children and recipes, I can recommend some fantastic blogs that I too enjoy reading.

Until next time (or not)

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