A princess is a woman too.

I am a 29 year old woman. I am mother. I have a career that I enjoy. And yesterday I voted.

But today I came across some information that made me wonder how I even have those freedoms. Today I saw an article informing that Disney has decided that their character, Merida, of Brave fame, is not ‘princessy’ enough. So they have changed her from looking this: Image

to this:


Now I know that in the grand scheme of things this seems like a petty thing to whinge about, but I find it offensive. As a woman. As a mother. But I do not want my boys to grow up in a world that expects even its cartoon drawings of women to appear airbrushed. I do not want my boys to grow up with even their childhood films being filled with sexualized representations of women. I do not think this is ok.

And no, this sexualisation of Disney princesses is not new. I can’t say I have actually noticed before the re-representation of the various characters – I didn’t realize that Cinderella has been remodeled, and that it is a requirement for Disney princesses to have bare shoulders – but I have noticed now and I cannot believe it has gotten this far. So many people I know sighed a breath of relief when Brave came out, because for once we were being provided with a strong, positive female role model to show our children. For once it was not a love story. For once it was not about pretty dresses and perfection. But now Disney are taking away her bow and arrow, taking away her childlike face and pushing this chiseled, thinner, more sparkly option.

You know what Disney? I object. And I have decided I am going to make sure you know it.

You can sign a petition against this if you feel strongly about it: Don’t do it Disney!

2 thoughts on “A princess is a woman too.

  1. Love your argument; you obviously feel very strongly about the subject! However, I do disagree that Disney is taking a stance on reverting their initial concepts of Merida to a more feminine/sexualize ideal. The second image is simply a caricature of a style Disney takes with all of its princesses. Soft color and simple features, not to demoralize women, but to provide simplicity for art and product distribution. Merida, in this instance, can even be extended to be a message that, even though she glitters and can be girly, she’ll arm wrestle you in a heart beat 😉

    • Fair enough. I guess I just feel like the entire range is sending out the wrong messages. I’m not objecting specifically to the sparkles, and who doesn’t like a nice dress… I guess I’m objecting to the difference in bone structure, etc, and dressing Merida in what she specifically didn’t want to wear…

      It’s not really about dolls or Brave specifically… I just see this as the embodiment of all gender specific toys that seem to be sexualising images, and making them into “ideals” that are neither realistic or healthy.

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