Being this or that.

We all make snap judgments on the people we encounter. It is human nature. For instance, if you were to meet me, you would more than likely assume that I am now (or at least have been) a vegetarian. This is an assumption people have been making about me for as long as I can remember. I am not now, but I was – long after people assumed it. Vegetarianism and I didn’t work out due to my discomfort of putting people out and my then boyfriend (now husband’s) distaste for vegetables. He eats them now, but it was complicated for awhile.

This weekend has brought me to face another set of assumptions. Although my husband, Phil would not describe me as an animal lover, given the choice, I am a dog person. I like dogs, grew up around them, and am comfortable with them. My mother is highly allergic to cats so despite my childhood years of cat obsessions, I’ve developed a distaste for them. I have, I will admit, judged people based on their appreciation of cats. cat person has never been a compliment coming from my lips. It has always kind of been on par with likes pink or listens to boy bands

Except, this weekend we welcomed Ironcat and Spidercat, two black and white kittens into our house. To stay. I’m not in love, yet, but they are funny. I’m digging their appreciation of my children’s car garage.

But what does this mean? Am I to be stripped of my status as a dog person? Do I need to reevaluate my cat person snobbery?

Or can I accept that yes, I’d prefer to be a vegetarian but I currently eat meat. I like dogs better, but cats are ok.

And maybe feline and canine preferences don’t distinguish you as much as I thought.



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