And then there were words.

Within 4 weeks, four people I knew lost their battle with cancer. One of these people was my dad.

So I guess you can understand me when I say that 2014 has not gone so well for me thus far. I guess you can understand me when i say that I find myself in need of restarts, freshness and positive space.

My life, at present, is entirely chaotic. I’m midway through an MA, work part time and have 2 small terrorists delightful children living with me. At times the chaos threatens to envelop me.

But I will get through this. Why? Because there is no other option.
It is all going to be worth it someday, right?
I have to believe it. I have to believe that today is not all there is. That this isn’t as good as it gets because frankly, at present, it isn’t very great.
Instead I look forward. A finished degree. Grief subsiding. The terrorists terrorising in new and inventive ways. New opportunities. Lots and lots of laughter.

The good thing about tomorrow is that it offers everything.


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