What I don’t know

As it goes, you could fill an ocean with what I don’t know.

The professor who I most admired in university told me that by the time I finished my 4 year under graduate degree, the only thing I would know for sure is that I know nothing.

She was right.

And here I am, eleven years later…9 years of marriage…6 years of motherhood….an MA…various jobs at varying levels of expertise and grownupness…

I still know very little. Sure I have some skills and some understanding of how things and people work. But knowledge? I have but a drop in the ocean.

Having a second child (or is it just my second child?!) cemented that awareness. He taught me that everything I thought I knew was relative. He broke, and continues to break, abet rule. And I love him for it, despite the levels of frustration that can initiate.

But try my best to embrace it. It means there is more to learn, more to experience, more to feel…And that’s got to be a good thing!


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