my world today.

My green thumb does look better than it actually is… most of these were given to me partially grown… but they’re still alive! (although I did discover last night that i’ve been watering sunflowers for a month that didn’t actually have any seeds planted!! oops!!!!!!!!) and the first picture is phil’s father’s day present from eden.

Eden LOVED doing it, so this means I’m going to get braver with arts & crafts. He’s never been that into it, but i think i’ve been giving him the wrong tools. since having a table his height, he uses crayons more… but we’ve got old crayons that maybe aren’t so good as modern ones? (I’m talking vintage crayons inherited from eden’s great, great grandmother!) by good, i mean easy to use… and he really liked using a paintbrush, so i’m wondering about more complicated projects… I’ve cut out a sun & a moon of cardboard and I’m hoping to get him to ‘decorate’ them… he loves pointing them out in books so i thought we could hang them somewhere…maybe…if i’m not traumatised by the experience.

I’ll let you know.


raining and pouring, proverbially speaking.

(the weather is gorgeous though)

It seems that I am either extremely busy or extremely idle. These days we’re moving into a ‘fast-paced’ zone. Well, for us. I have 2 work projects on (apparently what I do is ‘art-working’ rather than graphic design), have just sold a necklace & earring set to a dear friend:

my curtains are on the table, all cut, and partially pinned… phil’s photography stuff is getting busy…etc. Oh and obviously there’s life with eden. Which always keeps me on my toes.

Now that I’ve written it, it doesn’t sound too busy… but it feels it. Naptimes and bedtimes are filled with activity. And obviously we have to carry on obsessively watching old series of 24!

It feels good to feel ‘of worth’ again. I know that looking after Eden is important & I’m extremely lucky to have a husband who is also willing to make massive financial sacrifices for me to do it, but without other focus in my life I feel drained. Now i feel like I have a reason to feel so exhausted (besides, obviously, the child who is growing inside me and stealing my brain to grow its own).

For awhile I’m going to start saying what my ‘favourite thing of the day’ is… today it is watching eden run. My gosh I’ve never seen something so cute & funny. I don’t understand how he’s not permanently falling over. And he doesn’t seem to see the point in walking, he just runs. I love it.

spring! summer! you betcha!

I spent every possible second outside today and it was marvellous.

The child had his first rockstar experience in sunglasses. Sadly it only lasted about 10 minutes before he realised they weren’t comfy (I think they were too small). Every time we looked at him, we laughed. Obviously he has his lunch stuffed in his mouth… he thought it was brilliant that he could come to me for some sandwich and then run around kicking his ball. I think he agrees with my philosophy that most meals should be eaten outside.

I’ve taken up my knitting needles again. On the weekend it was shown to me how to make fingerless gloves, which is BRILLIANT. I don’t understand how parents wear mittens or gloves with fingers… you have to take them off every two seconds and then you lose one. But it’s requiring me to practise purling, which apparently I’ve been doing wrong all these years. I’m glad to know it, because it was painstaking what I was doing and this ‘new’ (read ‘correct’) way of doing it is MUCH easier. So hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to model them.


Well. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I think it’s because my creativity started to wake up from a very long and fitful slumber.

In the evening, before watching some good ole ‘The Mentalist’ I started organising my jewelry making materials. And made a cute little pair of oh-so-simple earrings. I love earrings.

And then I just starting scheming planning my next projects.

This was all pretty harmless until I went to bed in my almost neat bedroom, which is pretty freaking exciting in itself, and re-discovered my copy of ‘The Creative Family’ on the shelf.

(Oh yes, I am obsessed with this woman)

And then no matter what I tried, I couldn’t sleep. I was wired. No amount of yoga techniques (which usually work like a charm) or slow counting could settle me. So I designed this in my head:

(and made it this morning)

It’s one of eden’s finger paintings… made into a thank you card for one of the millions of people who spoil him to within an inch of his life. I’m quite pleased with myself. Up until now I’ve simply let him loose on the card itself. This actually looks designed!

This week I’m borrowing my Mother-in-Law’s sewing machine so there should be more exciting projects posted later in the week!


I’ve started a TOP SECRET project that I’m so very excited about. I can’t say anything, not anything at all. But it’s WAY overdue (thanks to lack of funds and lack of inspiration). And it’s been started and I’m going to focus on it. So that’s that. There will be pictures once it has been mailed and received.

edited – well i guess i could put one photo…. one little no hints photo…..

sew sew sew

<——-this became that————————–>

I have had that bag for years. It is probably the most practical bag I ever purchased, but also the most boring. This is why I can never bring myself to use it. So i decided, enough is enough. Practical would help my always-forget-my-wallet situation… So i took out some beads, some lovely fabric that i only have bits left of and made my first button!!! I wish my world was covered in that fabric. It’s tye-dyed batik cheesecloth (from Abakhan) Beautiful.

From the list I have crossed off 2 more things in the last 3 days … one day, my spare time was sacrificed to complete a job application.

1. Go for a re-eally long walk

2. Sew something

I am really enjoying having this list ‘hanging over me’. I find it so easy to be lazy. Eden is always looked after, but it so easy to just overlook me. And my soul needs this.


As this is my first post with wordpress, forgive all the things I have yet to figure out how to do!

I am starting again in the blog world. This is here to look at things I am reading, things I am thinking, things I am making, things I am inspired by… come along for the ride, if you fancy it!

I figured I may as well begin by posting the mittens my MIL helped me sew for eden. Let’s see if the photos worked! I’m desperate to make him an apron for him to wear whilst ‘helping’ me cook… as well as a few more pairs of pants. Sometimes comfy pants are just so necessary, and I feel like it’s a bit tight on him to have to always wear jeans or pants that are too long!!!

Beginning things is always a leetle awkward, so I’ll finish with a quote and start again tomorrow as if I’ve always been doing this.

‘The answer must be, I think, that beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.’ (annie dillard, pilgrim’s creek)