spring! summer! you betcha!

I spent every possible second outside today and it was marvellous.

The child had his first rockstar experience in sunglasses. Sadly it only lasted about 10 minutes before he realised they weren’t comfy (I think they were too small). Every time we looked at him, we laughed. Obviously he has his lunch stuffed in his mouth… he thought it was brilliant that he could come to me for some sandwich and then run around kicking his ball. I think he agrees with my philosophy that most meals should be eaten outside.

I’ve taken up my knitting needles again. On the weekend it was shown to me how to make fingerless gloves, which is BRILLIANT. I don’t understand how parents wear mittens or gloves with fingers… you have to take them off every two seconds and then you lose one. But it’s requiring me to practise purling, which apparently I’ve been doing wrong all these years. I’m glad to know it, because it was painstaking what I was doing and this ‘new’ (read ‘correct’) way of doing it is MUCH easier. So hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to model them.


ethics, prawns & scrummy risotto

seriously, who thought of eating those things? but they did. and, despite my love-hate relationship with them, the world goes crazy over them. and the day before i watched BBC’s Blue Planet’s Deep Trouble, I bought some. I won’t again, unless something changes. but I did make a SERIOUSLY scrummy risotto with some of them… recipe to follow.

Sometimes it is dizzy-ing keeping track of what is ok to eat and what isn’t, particularly when you love food, which I obviously do. I have avoided cod for such a long time that it is second nature, and we only buy free range chicken (except for very occasional ‘we really can barely pay our bills moments). I don’t buy Young’s fish products, because they ship all their fish to china to be prepared & packaged! … but turns out prawn fishing, unless you’re looking to some eastern Australian fishermen, is destroying the ocean. so that’s another one off our list. (and it only just got there!!) and when it comes to other things, we barely shop and when we do we boycott places like primark …

Someone once said to me that it must be exhausting having all those principles… but i simply cannot justify the cost to either the world, or other people… sure primark is lovely and cheap but the clothes are disposable, which makes our waste situation even worse.. and their ethics are barely there – someone else is paying the price for my cheap clothes. so I don’t.

anyway. rant over, recipe:

red onion



frozen peas & carrots

tin of tomatoes

lemon juice

fish oxo


-sautee onion, add rice, add stock.

-in another pan sautee prawns in garlic butter

-add prawns, and peas & carrots to risotto

-when the risotto is almost ready, add tin of tomatoes.

and it’s SSSSSOOOOOOO yummy. My jury is generally out on the risotto issue, but i wanted to eat ALL of it… and eden finished off his & phil’s, when phil was too full to finish his!

Scrumptious Butternut Squash Soup (with optional additions to make it more scrumptious!)

So I’ve finally made a butternut squash soup that we all like! My other attempts, which have been recipe based, weren’t so hot. This one I just made up and it was LOVELY.

1 butternut squash

1 red onion

1 potato (it was a big’un)

1 stock cube (chicken, but veg would be fine)


(and i added a titch of cream cheese, just to see…but I don’t think it made a difference)

Directions – Boil & Mush. Our blender doesn’t work currently so I used a hand whisk to make it soup-like.

Then, whilst eating it, with ciabatta mmmmmmm… I was asking Phil how to make it better. So we started experimenting. Turns out, if you add a titch of balsamic vinegar and soft goats cheese it is DELECTABLE…!!!!!

And so very cheap to make.


I’m currently re-reading Tobias Jones’ Utopian Dreams. It’s basically a search for meaning & community, while he muses about whether or not such things are possible without religion or a figurehead to ‘worship’ (ie. Damanhur). Obviously this is a big issue for me. I remember someone saying that SSU ruined her for the ordinary. I know a lot of us believe it, but I am not sure that’s a positive thing. I think it causes us to be closed to the other possibilities. It’s true, we’ll never be 18-24, living with friends and acquaintances crammed in a small mansion, studying, traveling and eating together again… that’s over. But that isn’t a long-term possibility for most of us. And I don’t think it should be.

Surely the point was to ignite our imaginations with the possibilities of community, not to restrict them. Yet how do you build one without a combined purpose? What purpose can you propose to unite strangers with? Does it require a certain type of person to long for this? Is it just for the hippies and religos? I don’t want to separate myself from society but I want more than it’s offering. If you know what I mean?