life as an art

(jonah, michael d. o’brien)

Iconic art has never really been my thing. It never catches my breath & demands my attention…and really that’s what I require from art. (and music, and books, etc). but this one does. i love it. Since seeing this on a friend’s blog, I’ve looked into michael d o’brien’s other stuff, but it doesn’t do it for me – i am mostly indifferent to it. I suppose it is this that I like because i visualise troubles as storms… and i love the fact that he is safe and fetal yet inside a gigantic fish that is fighting the waves… i love it. and so i had to share it.

phil is continuing to pursue opening his own photography business. i am trying my best to be supportive & yet i keep finding myself being childish about it. since having eden, i often find it very difficult to concentrate on things. I barely do anything creative, and that get frustrated it this. It’s so dumb, because when I do, I feel so liberated. These days i’ll blame it on more bad nights. how much of life as a parent of a baby & toddler can you blame on teeth?!?!?

It is rainy and miserable outside & i want to curl up like jonah… hidden from the weather (emotional & physical).