Intentions gone haywire

I meant to take a photo-log of our activities today.

I meant to get lots of knitting done.

I meant to ring up about having an MOT done.

And a whole heap of other things. But my dear 14 month old tyrant had other plans. Like watching traffic (as above). And waking up at 5:40 for the fifth day in a row and barely napping, despite tiredness. And everything changed.

I did knit a *few* stitches. I did read a *few* pages. I’m re-reading ‘The Zahir” by Paulo Coehlo – and it’s exactly where I’m at. In it he addresses many of the things that prevent people from doing what they truly want to do (although 14 month old tyrants don’t get a look in for him!). He talks about the many ways he hides from writing before he eventually starts to type his books. I know lots of people don’t like him, but sometimes Paulo is where it’s at.

If I was feeling brave enough to sneak into eden’s room for my book, I’d give you some brill quotes. But I’m not. So that’s it.