The election is over.
The lots have been cast.
The results are in.

Now we wait and watch for the dust to settle.

I believer, regardless of you political affiliations & beliefs, it is important to remember that our countries, societies, and communities are not solely defined by their politicians. We can’t let them be. They are defined by each one of us, and the decisions we make. Decisions of how we treat each other; what we prioritise; what we deem important enough to complain about. These tiny, seemingly insignificant decisions that each of us make every day are what make us who we are, individually and collectively.

If you say the arts are important, what are you doing to support them? If you worry about the closures of food banks, are you donating either your time or supplies to keep them open?

Worrying about the future is natural, but having good opinions and casting your vote is not enough. Your actions mean more than a cross in a box.