something worth saying.

blogging is weird, isn’t it? I mean, it’s making these declarations to the world… as if you’re talking to someone, but you’re not really. you’re simply addressing the world at large, wondering if anyone is listening. And why? I don’t know. Because I want to. But there are so many times when I really do wonder why I do it, and why I want to do it. It reminds me of the fact that I have always wanted to be a writer, but never felt that I have enough to say to write a book. If I don’t have enough to say to write a book, what makes me think I have enough to say to write on this regularly? It’s just so strange. It’s meaningless and yet full of meaning. I love reading other people’s blogs – I obsessively check to see if some of them have been updated. And I get different things from different blogs.

Some are just funny. Some are a way to keep in touch with the day-to-day lives of dear friends. Some are inspiring…

But it’s still a bit weird.

And yet I find it can help give me focus. It reminds me that I want more out of my day. It reminds me that I want to have things to talk about. And not only about eden. Even though he is pretty easy to talk about.

And so I log on, and I start to talk. To you. To myself. To the world at large. How bizarre. What would my grandparents say?!

oh and if you’re wondering, I haven’t given up on my One Hundred Things… but I am taking a philosophical approach to it. The point of the list was to enrich my life by attempting to pursue more of the things that make me love life. Since then I have begun my *top secret project* and various other things… and so I am allowing them to find space in my list in place of other things… because the point is LIFE. not being tied down. Hopefully I’ll still see a positive result at the end.


sew sew sew

<——-this became that————————–>

I have had that bag for years. It is probably the most practical bag I ever purchased, but also the most boring. This is why I can never bring myself to use it. So i decided, enough is enough. Practical would help my always-forget-my-wallet situation… So i took out some beads, some lovely fabric that i only have bits left of and made my first button!!! I wish my world was covered in that fabric. It’s tye-dyed batik cheesecloth (from Abakhan) Beautiful.

From the list I have crossed off 2 more things in the last 3 days … one day, my spare time was sacrificed to complete a job application.

1. Go for a re-eally long walk

2. Sew something

I am really enjoying having this list ‘hanging over me’. I find it so easy to be lazy. Eden is always looked after, but it so easy to just overlook me. And my soul needs this.

No more excuses!

Who knew that doing things I want to do could be so difficult? In the past 5 days I have really struggled to do things from my one hundred days list.

At first my excuse was Eden’s horrendous sleeping patterns – with our mornings beginning at 5am or earlier. Then it was…well? I’m not entirely sure. I have excuses for everything. What I can’t decide is if it counts if i do more than one thing on a day? Cause obviously it’s a test… I think I’ve decided it doesn’t count, because the point is enriching my life. If i happen to get to do a few things I love, or need to do, in one day…that’s just good. It doesn’t excuse me from my goal of regularly incorporating *good* things in my life.

So in the past five days I have crossed off my list:

  1. Do yoga
  2. Knit
  3. Have a date night.
  4. Write something.
  5. Make some fresh soup.

Maybe I’m not as hopeless as I thought?

Discussions about passions and purpose and intentions and dreams have been ebbing and flowing around here. The reality is we need more from life. The other reality is that we’re stifled by our lack of funds. And not talking about it only makes it worse somehow.

one hundred days – one hundred things.

I’ve been inspired by this but as usual, I didn’t want to conform to the way it was! Just one thing every day for a hundred things – how would i choose the thing? there are so many things i could do regularly that would improve my life. There are so many things I love to do, but rarely get around to.

So i made a list. And it starts today.

My list is in no particular order – i’ll do them as i do them. hopefully some of them, i’ll do more times than i’ve listed.

  1. Do yoga
  2. Write a real letter.
  3. Go to the zoo.
  4. Have a driving lesson.
  5. Bake bread.
  6. Do something unexpected.
  7. Clean out the cupboards in the kitchen.
  8. Have a sewing lesson.
  9. Change Eden’s window display.
  10. Go to the beach.
  11. Spend a day without using the computer for anything but music.
  12. Go for a run.
  13. Make jewelry.
  14. Knit
  15. Take the camera out & photograph things that inspire me.
  16. Spend an hour writing.
  17. Do yoga.
  18. Have a date night.
  19. Have a driving lesson.
  20. Research something.
  21. Do a charity shop run – get rid of excess!!!
  22. Do some sewing.
  23. Go for a run.
  24. Have a family day.
  25. Write something.
  26. Sort Eden’s toys/room.
  27. Make something beautiful.
  28. Re-learn how to crotchet.
  29. Cook something for the first time.
  30. Have guests.
  31. Spend most of the day outside.
  32. Have a driving lesson.
  33. Bake bread.
  34. Spend a day without using the computer for anything but music.
  35. Listen to new music.
  36. Knit something that is not a scarf or blanket!
  37. Make jewelry.
  38. Write a real letter.
  39. Go to the Tate.
  40. Go for a run.
  41. Have a date night.
  42. Do something unexpected.
  43. Change Eden’s window display.
  44. Sort out Eden’s old clothes.
  45. Take nice photos.
  46. Do something for charity.
  47. Put something on freecycle.
  48. Go for a re-ally long walk.
  49. Have a driving lesson.
  50. Visit a farm.
  51. Have guests.
  52. Do yoga.
  53. Write something.
  54. Commit an unexpected act of kindness.
  55. Etch something.
  56. Bake banana bread.
  57. Crochet.
  58. Make some fresh soup.
  59. Go for a run
  60. Cook something I haven’t made in a long time, but we all love.
  61. Have a driving lesson.
  62. Have a day without Facebook.
  63. Make a home-made toy/activity for Eden.
  64. Sew something.
  65. Sort Eden’s toys/room.
  66. Go for a walk, even though it’s raining.
  67. Have a date night.
  68. Read a classic.
  69. Knit.
  70. Make something.
  71. Learn a new skill.
  72. Go somewhere new.
  73. Go for a run
  74. Have a driving lesson.
  75. Change Eden’s window display.
  76. Have guests.
  77. Do something unexpected.
  78. Go for a re-ally long walk.
  79. Cook something new.
  80. Write for an hour.
  81. Make jewelry.
  82. Make a stash of thank you cards.
  83. Have a driving lesson.
  84. Knit.
  85. Create something.
  86. Have a computer-free day.
  87. Make/fill an inspiration board.
  88. Make a Eden’s artwork display board.
  89. Go for a run.
  90. Do yoga.
  91. Sew something.
  92. Research something.
  93. Change photos in frames.
  94. Wear something I never wear.
  95. Cook something i love.
  96. Have a date night.
  97. Have a driving lesson.
  98. Go somewhere new.
  99. Have a road trip.
  100. Have a shirah-styled day.

My hundred days will end on: Friday May 14th 2010.