Fast cars


This boy is one of three who happen to make my world go round. After counting down the days until I would be completely off work and available to play, it wasn’t long after I stumbled out of bed that first morning that I was handed a car and told to play.

My kids hate that I work full time. And I get it. (As well as all the guilt that comes with loving my full time job). So despite the fact that stopping and just enjoying the moment is incredibly difficult for this chronic multi-tasking, plate spinner…I’ve been trying my hardest to say “yes,” and get down on the floor to brumm fast cars as often as possible over the past fortnight.

It’s too easy to say “no” – there’s dish s to be done; washing to hang out; and just sitting down to do. But I don’t want them (or me) to remember their childhood as me sitting on the couch or being too busy all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big believer in good old fashion benign neglect…it’s the route of all creativity, surely! It’s the all the time element I am concerned with.

So my last fortnight has been filled with fast cars, stick ball, camping, running, picnics, bike rides and trips to the park. Tomorrow is my last day and although I’m ready to be insanely busy again, I’ve enjoyed being available to say yes.

And let’s not talk about my little boy being big enough to start school next week!


this moment

This blog that I obsessively check has a friday ritual – ‘this moment’ – in which she posts a photo that captures a moment from the week that she wants to savour. I love the idea. I love the idea so much that I’m going to start doing it.

When I started this post I was going to say that I don’t have any such photos, but I’ve decided to go with this: Now, this post isn’t supposed to have any words, but everything in my life is accompanied by inane explanation, so I simply cannot help myself.


Eden is wearing a sweater that was knitted for me when I was 2 or 3 by my late grandmother. Although I don’t remember wearing it, I distinctly remember photos of me wearing it, and a matching pink one I later owned. And he’s sitting on a chair next to me – his new latest hobby. My little boy is beginning to push for growing up, in tiny ways right now. And I want to remember it. I want to remember how much he struggled to climb on that chair on his own, until I helped him up. How he settled himself in and started to play with the plant pot and the two balls that are inside it. How proud he was to be doing it.

So that’s this week’s moment. What’s yours?